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My Catholic Family – A Catholic Children’s DVD Series

My Catholic Family is a great DVD series from EWTN that is a source of both entertainment and spiritual education. The DVDs present the lives of the saints for children in the form of Catholic cartoons, capturing children’s attention with bright color and interesting stories while sharing valuable information about holy men and women in the Church’s history. The animated movies about the saints each begin in a family setting: Thomas and his wife Helen teaching their children about the greatest of the saints, information the children carry into their day-to-day lives and activities. In this way the title of the series has a double meaning – on one hand it refers to the saints who are members of the same Catholic family with all of us, on the other hand, it also promotes the value and importance of learning and living our Faith within our immediate family in the home.


Available DVDs in the Series

St. John Vianney – This DVD teaches children about St. John Vianney, a humble man who spent 40 years as a parish priest, teaching by example and living a holy life. Crowds would gather to hear him preach and to make their confessions.

St. Benedict – This DVD tells the story of St. Benedict, founder of the Benedictine Order. He penned the Rule of St. Benedict, taught against the lackadaisical attitudes he encountered around him, and his faith helped him to survive attempts on his life.

St. Catherine of Siena – In this DVD, children will learn about Catherine of Siena, a Dominican tertiary who acted as a counselor to the Pope and would eventually be declared a Doctor of the Church.

St. Padre Pio – This DVD shares the story of Padre Pio, the miracle worker. Padre Pio was a Capuchin monk who became the first priest to receive the stigmata.

St. Margaret Mary – This DVD is about St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, who had a special devotion to the Virgin Mary. After joining the Order of the Visitation, she received a vision from Jesus asking her to spread and encourage devotion to His Sacred heart.

St. Therese of Lisieux – This DVD tells the story of Therese, the Little Flower. This Carmelite defined her path to God and holiness as The Little Way, which consisted of child-like love and trust in God.

St. Faustina – This DVD tells the story of Sister Faustina, the holy woman who received the stigmata and visions from Jesus. The message that Christ gave to her to share with the world is the devotion to the Divine Mercy of Jesus.


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