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Ceramics and Tiles

In this category you'll find an entire collection of various ceramics and tiles depicting scenes from the Bible, scenes of Our Lord and Our Lady, scenes from the lives of the saints, and others.

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St. Agnes Ceramic Plaque

Item Number: 13135

Price: $36.80

St. Andrew Kim Ceramic Plaque

Item Number: 13137

Price: $36.80

Angel of Christmas

Item Number: 10543

Price: $28.75

Angel Wreath

Item Number: 10549

Price: $36.80

St. Anselm Ceramic Plaque

Item Number: 13140

Price: $36.80

Archangel Gabriel

Item Number: 10538

Price: $36.80

Army Angel - Green

Item Number: 23840

Price: $18.40
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Displaying 1-12 of 180 items.

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